Crucial Investigation

Crucial Investigation is an HTML porn game with a mix of 3D rendered and real pics and video, developed by Root.

Take the role of a young female police officer who's been sent assigned to an undercover operation at a school, investigating criminal behaviour. Embark as a student at the school and interact with pupils and teachers on your quest for answers - which in this game means bringing out your inner slut to root out the bad guys.

About the game: Crucial Investigation suffers from dialogue written in broken English, plenty of grinding to increase your corruption level and a rather linear storyline. There's plenty of hot videos to unlock though, and they come fast and easy. Reaching a game over state can happen at any time, so save your game regularly and use different saved slots.
There's two bonus games available at the start of the game, which are set in the same fictional world as the main game.

Updated to version 1.30n on September 23rd 2022

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