About Mopoga.com

After noticing the difficulty of finding adult games suitable for mobile devices we started Mopoga.com. Having 15+ years of experience in game and web development we attempt to only display games that work without problems in mobile browsers, preferably in portrait mode. Most games are slightly modified by us to make sure they are playable on all devices, including iOS and Android.

The majority of games on this site are developed with Twine, a game engine for interactive stories. Often these games are ongoing projects where developers can be supported by subscribing to their Patreon or Subscribestar pages.

General tips for playing HTML based porn games on our site:
- Save often so you don't lose your progress if you run into a bug
- Make sure you're not using an incognito/private tab, your saved games won't be stored by your browser if you do
- Remember not to delete your browser 'cookies / site data' for this site, as that's where saved games are stored
- On mobile devices you may need to switch to landscape mode occasionally to correctly see some text or buttons

If you find issues with any of the games we'd be grateful if you'd contact us, describing the issue and the device and browser used. Easiest would be to use the comments section below games, we get notified when comments are posted there.

If you're a developer of adult HTML games we'd love to hear from you.