General Help - FAQ


Saved games are stored locally on your device as LocalStorage data (not as a cookie). Possible causes of losing your saved data are: 1) You've deleted cookies + site data 2) You're not using a same browser which was used to save your game 3) You are in incognito/private mode, which does not have access to saved data.

If you are in incognito/private browser mode when you save your game, then the saved data will be deleted when the browser is closed.

To make sure you never lose your saved game, export it using the Save to Disk and Load from Disk option within the games.


Sometimes a game update means that old saved games can't be used anymore. Developers use different ways to prevent players from having to start all over. Sometimes saved new games are provided, or there may be a patch option in the game to fix and old saved game. Other games have a jump-start option. Sometimes there is no option but to start from the beginning again.


Most games on this site have been added by request. Usually requests are made in the comments section, or they are made by contacting us via email. Comments may not be approved to avoid polluting the comments below a game with unrelated content, but we try to read and consider all suggestions.


We depend on the community to notify us about game updates. Usually within hours or even minutes after an update is released by the developer we start getting comments asking us to update. We usually don't approve all of the comments asking for updates. But they are essential to keep us on our toes to update each game - thanks!


If you're on a desktop PC or Mac computer then you have access to developer tools and you can edit variables inside the game while playing.

Step 1)  Open Developer Tools (on Windows by pressing F12)

Step 2)  Then open the tab called Console

Step 3)  Since the games on our site are embedded in the page it's important to select the game first. Click the drop down list and select the game content. (in Chrome and Edge the drop down list says "Top", in Firefox it's an icon image)

Step 4)  Enter "" into the console. (if you have not selected the correct game window, then the result will probably say "Sugarcube is not defined". If so, revert to Step 3.
Expand the results by clicking the > symbol.

Step 5)  You may be able to edit variables within the list of variables. Alternatively enter " = X" in the console (YOURVARIABLE and X need to be replaced by the variable name and the value you want to set it to)

A detailed guide with screenshots to edit SugarCube variables will be posted here soon.


Some browsers which have Javascript disabled won't be able to open games. Instead the browser will redirect to the homepage. Some very old versions of iOS also redirect to the homepage.