Young Marcus

Young Marcus is a text adventure game with real porn pics and gifs, developed by Serialaries. It's mostly gay orientated with some bi content as well.

The game is a remake of Young Maria and transforms the main character Maria into a gay young man named Marcus!
You start out as an innocent young soul in a new city, vulnerable to corruption and the attractions offered by a lustful city. It's an open world sandbox style game without a main storyline.
You can explore and fuck (or get fucked by) pretty much anyone. Will the city corrupt your innocent soul, and will you in turn currupt the people around you? What happens is up to you..

Current version: 6.0.1, which is the final and complete version of the game.
Developer: Serialaries

* Young Marcus Expanded, version 0.10, developed by Randiel. This version expands on the game by Serialaries and is still in development.

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* Young Marcus - Expanded