Male protagonist adventure porn games

Check our our selection of mobile porn games with a male protagonist.
These story-driven adventure and RPG games are mostly straight oriented, some are mixed and some gay.

All games are tied and tested to play online on mobile devices. Adults only!


A sex-tech corporation takes control of the future of humankind.
New Normal

You wake up from a long coma... welcome to your new life!

A dating app gives you the power to explore and influence the minds of your matches.
An ordinary guy is about to date one hundred sexy women.
The Hellfire Club

Explore 1899 Victorian London as a naughty young gentleman.
Project SX-Ultra
A young volunteer participates in a government mind control program.
Just One More Chance

A 34-year-old virgin travels back in time to relive his college years.
A youthful elf tries to survive amongst humans in the city of Klimmore.
Gakko No Monogatari

A young student in Tokyo dreams of securing a spot at a top rated university.
A young man escapes from reality, exploring a magical fantasy world.
GrowUp RP

Help a high school student find his way on an adult journey.
Power of Will
A political leader returns after years of exile - revive the country and deal with your personal life.
Confined and Horny

A stay-at-home lockdown leaves you in the company of two hot housemates and a lot of free time..
Apocalyptic World

A nuclear war survivor decides to grow a harem of slaves in an effort to rebuild civilization.
Gotham Mechanic
An ordinary car mechanic's life is about to get a lot more interesting after the mafia discovers his shop.
High School Days
A highschool student wants nothing more than to lose his virginity asap.
Beef in the City
An ordinary guy ends up knee-deep in the criminal underworld.
Starwatch Academy
Join the Starwatch Academy and see in which direction your venturesome plans will take you.
Tasty Curse
Due to a bizarre curse, every other day, a man awakens in the body of his female roommate.
Realm of Corruption
Take the role of a demon and abuse your hellish powers to dominate all of mankind.
Galactic Outlaws
Journey through the galaxy with two hot women while attempting to flee from the Human Federation.
Corrupt Life
Play as a hot-blooded male spending most of his time infiltrating the lives of his mom, sister and girlfriend..
Dirty Cop
Play as a crooked cop. Roam the streets whilst keeping an eye out for the ladies..
Corpo Life

A young banker aspires to climb the corporate ladder in a story fulll of drama, romance and sex.
Grand Smash

Start a career in the seductive world of tennis, can you make it into the mixed doubles finals?
SQ Cruise Ship
Embark on a two-month long transformation and sissification themed adventure as the only male on a women-only cruise.
The most boring man in the world is finally able to get his act together with the help of magical powers.
The Mansion

Start a new life at a mansion which besides housing hot women is hiding some dark secrets..
Free Cities
An open world slave management game, create your own little degenerate haven.
In this modern day fairy tale a regular college student's life is about to change for the better after gaining magical abilities.
Elixir of Life
Live the life of a guy who's semen is one of the most expensive liquids on the planet.
Battle Quest
Venture deep into a strange land, do battle and form alliances as you strive for power.
Stepmother Effect

Feminization porn game - a porn addicted 19 yo moves in with his hot stepmother..
Time Shifter
A time-travel adult dating sim, try again with the 'one who got away'!
To the Fullest

Play as a mid-30s husband and father, looking for new attractions in life..
Suddenly a Girl
A male to female gender transformation game, explore the world in your new body as a girl!
The Monastery

Take the role of a priest sent to a monastery of not-so-innocent nuns.
Wasteland Lewdness

A mainly text based adult RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world.
Hunters Harem
Use magical mind control spells to build your own harem of sexy female admirers.
A Day in the Life Of
A multi protagonist family life sim in which each morning you choose which character to control.
Secrets Unveiled
A visual novel where secrets are lurking around every corner and various fetishes will cross your path.
Fetish Hotel
Set foot in a mysterious hotel and get introduced to various fetishes including bondage, lezdom, latex and so on..

A college dropout with with big dreams tries his luck in the criminal world.
Inner Bimbo
Expand your harem of bimbos while keeping your business afloat.
Sluttown USA

Hypnotize a tiny American town and slowly corrupt it's citizens.
Boring Days
A dom/sub game with a powerful male protagonist, bend others to your will or explore the femdom side and allow them to use you as their toy.
Human Alteration App
A mysterious app on your phone gives you the ability to rewrite reality. Follow either the Dom or Sub route.
My Secret Desire
Step out of your comfort zone and start living life to the fullest in this free roaming porn game.
Reform School
A gay text based interactive story with a focus on M/M domination and submission.
Use or abuse your position of power in this game heavily focused on male domination.
The Repurposing Center
You're being sent to a repurposing facility. Can you overcome it's corruption, slavery and (in)voluntary transformation?
Ebony Paradise
Can you seduce all black beauties you meet? An HTML adventure game with real porn pics and video.
The Daedalus Project
A text based RPG adventure consisting of mind-bending worlds and sexual encounters in parallel realities.
Confidence Man
A con man on a witness protection program starts a new life, meeting lots of hot women.
The Good Son
A sissification game where the male main character takes a job at a kinky nightclub, crossdressing as a woman.
Become Taxi Driver

Hit the road as a rookie taxi driver. Earn cash, pimp your car and attract the hottest girls in town!
A Part in a Play
A high school student is willing to do anything for better grades - gender transformation game with multiple endings
Cult of Corruption
A satanic tale of corruption of the mind and body with real porn visuals. Not for the faint hearted!
Back to Freedom

A former soldier starts a new life after spending years behind bars.
A Spell For All
An open world fantasy game. Use or abuse your magical powers to transform the world to your liking.
Young Marcus
A gay open world style game, explore the city and fuck (or get fucked) as you please!
As the heir to a crime empire it's your task to take control of the syndicate and build a harem of women.
That Girl
Enter a world full of crime, murder, mind control and a seemingly endless supply of sexually aroused women.
Adam and Gaia
Enter a fantasy world with a variety of female humans and anime monster girls, with you as the sole male survivor.
Community Service
A porn parody on the British TV series Misfits. The MC develops supernatural abilities, allowing to partially alter events in the future.
Lust for Life

Take the role of a young male student in an open-world heavily populated by gorgeous women and girls.
Love & Vice

Choose your own path into developing a relationship with your blonde bombshell roommate.
Favorite Teacher

Play as a biology teacher at a female only faculty. Seduce and corrupt fellow teachers, students and even the school principal!
Unexpected Expectations
A mysterious virus leads the male protagonist to struggle with an infinite thirst for sex.
Casting Director
Take the role of a Hollywood casting director with some questionable morals..
Babe Quest
A satirical variant of traditional HTML porn games, packed with lots of real porn entertainment.
Become Someone

Play as a senior college student and find yourself surrounded with lots of beautiful women.
My Demon Friend
You are visited at night by a naughty demon, ending up in lewd quests to undertake at daytime.
The Company
Choose a gender and see how this tale of corporate espionage, mind control and transformation unfolds..
Candid Urban Muffs
An adult adventure RPG game with real porn pics and video. Seduce the women you meet and dominate them in the bedroom.
Friends of Mine

Find your way towards sexual encounters of your choice, either straight, gay or trans.
A Photographer's Lies
Play as an aspiring photographer with a desire to enter the adult side of the business.
A life sim game for adults following a male protagonist with many fetishes.
College Daze
Step into the shoes of a freshman with supernatural abilities.
Hentai University
Explore a town full of hot hentai girls and take advantage of your amateur hypnotizing skills..
Become Alpha
Help a beta male transform his life and become alpha!
Vampires, Dracula, hot women in latex suits and dark tales await!
Perverted Education
Play as a young male student who is slowly being corrupted and forced into increasingly perverse activities.
Keep your staff busy in this brothel management game.
Anomaly Vault
Anomaly Vault, an adventure game for adults with real porn video and pics. Perform lewd sex experiments in a dodgy lab.
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