Trans porn Games, adult games with a transexual protagonist

Check out our selection of erotic adult adventure and RPG games with a transgender or futanari main character.
In some of these games you start out as male or female and transition into transgender.

All games are suitable to play online on mobile devices, adults only!


Syrup Town

Spread human pheromones around a town inhabited by furry creatures.
The Hellfire Club

Explore 1899 Victorian London as a naughty young gentleman.
Umesatraa Academy
Enter an all-female & futa hypersexual universe - big breasts and skin-tight latex lesbian sex scenes await..
Starwatch Academy

Join the Starwatch Academy and see in which direction your venturesome plans will take you.
Rising Debt
Subject yourself to weird experiments and kinky sex. Anything to pay off your ever-rising debt..
Realm of Corruption
Take the role of a demon and abuse your hellish powers to dominate all of mankind.
You Throw Like A Girl
Gender transformation game. A popular quarterback loses everything when he gets cursed by a witch..
Free Cities

An open world slave management game, create your own little degenerate haven.
Battle Quest
Venture deep into a strange land, do battle and form alliances as you strive for power.
Human Alteration App
A mysterious app on your phone gives you the ability to rewrite reality. Follow either the Dom or Sub route.
The Repurposing Center
You're being sent to a repurposing facility. Can you overcome it's corruption, slavery and (in)voluntary transformation?
The Company
Choose a gender and see how this tale of corporate espionage, mind control and transformation unfolds..
Gender transformation game with real porn pics and video. Many different endings, you're in control..
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