Netorare, NTR porn games

Netorare porn games, these adult games are heavily focused on infidelity. Netorare or NTR is a Japanese term for cheating in hentai or adult games, also categorized as 'cuckold'.
The games you can find here are mostly NTR visual novels and some RPG games, all are in English language.


Family Ties
An unexpected guest brings excitement into a small town household.
A youthful elf tries to survive amongst humans in the city of Klimmore.
Beef in the City
An ordinary guy ends up knee-deep in the criminal underworld.
Realm of Corruption
Take the role of a demon and abuse your hellish powers to dominate all of mankind.
Corrupt Life
Play as a hot-blooded male spending most of his time infiltrating the lives of his mom, sister and girlfriend..
SQ Cruise Ship
Embark on a two-month long transformation and sissification themed adventure as the only male on a women-only cruise.
To the Fullest

Play as a mid-30s husband and father, looking for new attractions in life..
Secrets Unveiled
A visual novel where secrets are lurking around every corner and various fetishes will cross your path.
Facefuck Madness

Take the role of a former male porn actor with an exhausting facefucking fetish.
My Secret Desire
Step out of your comfort zone and start living life to the fullest in this free roaming porn game.
That Girl
Enter a world full of crime, murder, mind control and a seemingly endless supply of sexually aroused women.
Love & Vice
Choose your own path into developing a relationship with your blonde bombshell roommate.
The Company

Choose a gender and see how this tale of corporate espionage, mind control and transformation unfolds..
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