Transformation porn games for mobile devices

Here you can find our selection of transformation porn games, playable on mobile devices. Both MTF (male to female, also known as sissification) and FTM routes are represented.


Human Alteration App
A mysterious app on your phone gives you the ability to rewrite reality. Follow either the Dom or Sub route.
The Repurposing Center
You're being sent to a repurposing facility. Can you overcome it's corruption, slavery and (in)voluntary transformation?
The Daedalus Project
A text based RPG adventure consisting of mind-bending worlds and sexual encounters in parallel realities.
The Good Son
A sissification game where the male main character takes a job at a kinky nightclub, crossdressing as a woman.
A Part in a Play
Take the role of a high school student willing to do anything for better grades... A gender transformation game with multiple endings.
A Spell For All

An open world fantasy game. Use or abuse your magical powers to transform the world to your liking.
My Demon Friend
You are visited at night by a naughty demon, ending up in lewd quests to undertake at daytime.
The Company
Start off with a male, female or futa protagonist and see how this tale of corporate espionage, mind control and transformation unfolds..
Friends of Mine

Find your way towards sexual encounters of your choice, either straight, gay or trans.

A life sim game for adults following a male protagonist with many fetishes.
College Daze
Step into the shoes of a freshman with supernatural abilities.
Perverted Education

Play as a young male student who is slowly being corrupted and forced into increasingly perverse activities.
Gender transformation game with real porn pics and video. Over a hundred different endings, you're in control..
Academy of Fetishes
An interactive novel style sex game. Take the role of a school principal, choose your favorite fetish fantasy and see how the story unfolds
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