Mind Control porn games for mobile devices

Mind Control games: HTML porn games where you are in control. Either by hypnotization or special abilities that lets you take control of other people's behaviour.



A dating app gives you the power to explore and influence the minds of your matches.
An ordinary guy is about to date one hundred sexy women.
A young man escapes from reality, exploring a magical fantasy world.
Power of Will
A political leader returns after years of exile - revive the country and deal with your personal life.
Demon Gods
Wake up in a fantasy world as a reincarnated soul on a lewd journey.
High School Days
A highschool student wants nothing more than to lose his virginity asap.
Rising Debt
Subject yourself to weird experiments and kinky sex. Anything to pay off your ever-rising debt..
Jacki's World
A young woman with a passion for bringing joy to others, finds herself caught up in a whole lot a steamy situations.
Tasty Curse
Due to a bizarre curse, every other day, a man awakens in the body of his female roommate.
Realm of Corruption
Take the role of a demon and abuse your hellish powers to dominate all of mankind.
Secret Taboo
An innocent girl moves to a new city and unsuspectingly lands into a variation of intriguing situations..
The most boring man in the world is finally able to get his act together with the help of magical powers.
Free Cities
An open world slave management game, create your own little degenerate haven.
In this modern day fairy tale a regular college student's life is about to change for the better after gaining magical abilities.
Breeder's Haven
Almost all males have been wiped off the planet after a global virus outbreak, you've been assigned to repopulate the world in this resource management strategy game.
Hunters Harem
Use magical mind control spells to build your own harem of sexy female admirers.
Inner Bimbo
Expand your harem of bimbos while keeping your business afloat.
Sluttown USA
Hypnotize a tiny American town and slowly corrupt it's citizens.
Human Alteration App
A mysterious app on your phone gives you the ability to rewrite reality. Follow either the Dom or Sub route.
The Repurposing Center

You're being sent to a repurposing facility. Can you overcome it's corruption, slavery and (in)voluntary transformation?
A Spell For All
An open world fantasy game. Use or abuse your magical powers to transform the world to your liking.
The Company

Choose a gender and see how this tale of corporate espionage, mind control and transformation unfolds..
Friends of Mine
Find your way towards sexual encounters of your choice, either straight, gay or trans.
College Daze
Step into the shoes of a freshman with supernatural abilities.
Hentai University
Explore a town full of hot hentai girls and take advantage of your amateur hypnotizing skills..
Keep your staff busy in this brothel management game.
Anomaly Vault
Anomaly Vault, an adventure game for adults with real porn video and pics. Perform lewd sex experiments in a dodgy lab.
Armed with a magical stone you find yourself in charge of controlling and corrupting the world around you..
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